Why choose SVCS?

Surry Village Charter School is a tuition-free public school alternative. We teach the Common Core with a project-based approach that instills a true passion for learning in students.  If you’re looking for a different learning environment for your child, then the small, multi-grade classrooms at Surry Village Charter School could be the right choice for you.


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Matora Fiorey, Ph.D.
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Matora Fiorey is well versed in New Hampshire charter school law, start-up, management and operations. After utilizing her Ph.D in organic chemistry from Oklahoma State University she transitioned to the charter school world by consulting for the New Hampshire Center for School reform. While at the Center, she received training in charter school law and assisted in writing two charter applications, Academy for Science and Design and Surry Village Charter School. Both schools were then authorized by the State of New Hampshire. In 2006, Matora left the Center to become the Director of the Surry Village Charter School. Recently, Matora has been elected as the Chair of the Board for the New Hampshire Public Charter School Association. In that role she has continued to develop professionally by attending Master Classes that are supported by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. This training has enabled her to bring national charter school expertise back to the New Hampshire Public Charter School Association and Surry Village Charter School.




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