Free Math apps for your iPad or computer! Give the kids something constructive to do.  These apps are all free at the iPad app store. Most are for abilities ranging from Kindergarten through at least 6th grade.

  1. Khan Academy is highly acclaimed; it isn't a game but rather spoken and illustrated instruction sessions, accompanied by practice sessions. You can do either or both.

The program will keep statistics on how you're doing, and you can earn badges that show your achievement.

  1. Interactive Telling Time Lite is childish but fun.
  2. Playful Minds has a broad variety of engaging math games.
  3. Arithmetrix is a split-screen competition where two students compete to get the right answer first. Hard rock music.
  4. Drill Math Word Problems has a Common-Core type approach – lots of word problems at different levels. It's called "Banana Math – free version" once you download it.
  5. Chicken Coop Fractions challenges older students to convert fractions to decimals, with a goofy hen who aims her eggs at the right answer.

There's also, as well as (yes, maths) and, two game clearinghouses for laptop use rather than iPad.

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