Wichland Mrs

Miss Jenny

Jenny Wichland - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

B.S. Science, Saint Michael's Colllege

M.S. Environmental Studies, Antioch New England Graduate School

Early Childhood/Elementary Education certification, Keene State College

Before joining SVCS, Jenny taught in middle school for two and a half years, then worked at the Keene State College Child Development Center where she discovered "my energy is just right for this age."  She also worked at the Harrisville Children's Center. With her science background, Jenny loves to bring science into the classroom, and finds many ways to do so.

Back to School Shopping List:  2014-2015

A pencil case with pencils, markers (thin or thick), crayons, CHILD scissors and 2 glue sticks

  • (2) 1 inch binders
  • (2) folders with pockets
  • Pad of Watercolor Paper (11 x 15)  (Ocean State Job Lot sometimes has them or Michael's is good during a sale)
  • Set of Watercolor Paints (Prang or Crayola)
  • Water bottle labeled with name on it

  • 1 box of Quart size ziplocs and 1 box of Gallon size ziplocs
  • 1 handtowel for use in classroom
  • 1 Box of Tissue for the class
  • 1 box of our favorite colored pencils: Ferbies! (LYRA Ferby Unlacquered Triangular Giant Colored Pencils, 6.25 Millimeter Lead Cores, Set of 12 Pencils, Assorted Colors by LYRA.  Found this on Amazon.com <http://Amazon.com>  for 18 dollars)   You can also find them at Creative Encounters, Main Street, Keene. We mostly use the fat (thick) pencils. You can also get the round pencils.
  •  Recyclable Bag- a reusable grocery bag

*If you would like to help out with supplies for the start of the year---we are also looking for the following: ***

Children with the last names that begin with A-F, please bring in the following for the class:

-wooden beads or glass beads (Joann's or Michael's-medium size)

-pony beads (plastic)

-1.5 mm stretch magic, gimp, waxed linen or beading cord to string the beads

-assorted ribbon (any thickness)

Children with the last names that begin G-Z

-Ferby pencil sharpener

-set of  thin white  dry- erase markers  (low odor) assorted colors

Wish List—what would make our year so lovely!

*10 dollar Gift Cards to Hannafords (with our garden unit, we cook a lot! )

*Chart Paper- Lined

*Glue Sticks

*Masking Tape

*Electric Pencil Sharpener

*Chlorox/Lysol or store brand wipes 


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